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Australia's #1
indoor tactical skirmish

field & armoury

 crossfire armoury 
Gel blaster sales and Accessories to high
quality tactical gear

we have it all!

 professional Onsite tech 
*custom gel blaster builds
*expert repairs & servicing
*swift turnaround

*guaranteed workmanship 


Image by Viktor Talashuk


The team at crossfire truly have something special here. The field changes regularly which keeps it entertaining and fun. The staff are all super friendly and genuinely enjoy the sport. From beginners to experts there is something for everyone. They build and repair blasters which is also helpful. Nathan here has built me a couple of blasters and they are second to none. Cheers guys.

Manu Mehana

Had an amazing time with my good friends on my mates birthday at crossfire. What can i say the staff are great there, the refs were doing an excellent job. Awesome feild the lay out the game modes, the players the atmosphere was fantastic 10/10. 💯

Nathanael Ciranni

Great indoor field with a dynamic map layout with great staff and fair and equal on field refs 👍🏻. They also have a very knowledgeable onsite technician for all your gelblaster needs. Been multiple times and will keep going along.
Cheers Crossfire team 🍻

Jasmin Lais

Terrific field run by terrific people, the ref 'Caleb' or 'Lobby' is his nickname is brilliant. So helpful, i had no idea what i was doing and he made it feel so much more welcoming

AusHolden Mitch

Have been playing at Crossfire for the past 12 months have learnt so much from the team at Crossfire. Nathan and Amanda have done and continue to develop and support their customers. Nathan’s Tech work is also some of the best tech work around. With great pricing.
The refs are also fantastic flow around the field supervising very well. New refs receive fantastic training from fellow refs who have been doing this fo
r a long time.


Nathan and Amanda have been awesome. Ref is a champ too, hes got a quick eye keeping the games going and calling out the kids that like to try their luck around the rules, makes me lol. Seriously though try this place out. Zero regrets and im a old overweight guy rockin a tracer so you can shoot me easier in the dark.... cyas next week ;)

Flynn Sirett

Absolutely awesome experience, definitely making this field that of the one we play most! Thanks for an awesome game!


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