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Introducing the APS Combat Arms AK74S Style Gel Blaster, inspired by the AKS-74U and perfect for close-quarters combat:


- Maneuverability meets power: Bridging the gap between submachine guns and assault rifles, this AK74S Style blaster excels in tight quarters, making it ideal for CQB scenarios.

- Designed for accuracy and stability: Hold with both hands and brace against the shoulder for enhanced stability during shooting, ensuring precise shots every time.

- Post-apocalyptic aesthetics: The rugged design strikes fear into opponents and ensures victory for your team on the battlefield.

- Ideal for special forces enthusiasts: With its authentic look and feel, this gel blaster is a favorite among players who love the special forces aesthetic.

- About APS: With a focus on Accuracy, Pneumatics, and Shooting, APS has been a leader in simulation training equipment since 2001. Their Gel Blaster line continues to be popular, offering high-quality rifles, pistols, and accessories for enthusiasts worldwide.

APS Combat Arms AK74S Gel Blaster

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