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Meet the Phantom Extremis MK1 Gel Blaster with SDU, an American carbine-inspired powerhouse:


- Built for customization: Equipped with a modular M-Lok handguard and a top RIS 22mm rail for attaching optical sights.

- Ambidextrous design: Perfect for both right and left-hand play, featuring a proprietary APS Phantom Overload pistol grip with exchangeable, anti-slip EVA panels.

- Modern and aggressive appearance: The receiver and handguard design provide a stunning look, with the M-Lok system allowing for personalized rail positioning.

- Enhanced functionality: Features a custom enlarged charging handle and a variety of internal specs including an Alloy Silver Edge Gear Box, 8mm Metal Bushings, M100 Spring, and 480 Long Shaft Motor.

- Top-notch performance: Fires 7-8mm gels at velocities of 280+ FPS in Safe, Semi-Auto, or Full-Auto modes, with a magazine capacity of 250 gels.


Experience the power and precision of the Phantom Extremis MK1 Gel Blaster and elevate your gel blasting adventures to new heights!

APS Phantom Extremis MKI Gel Blaster

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