***Admission fees are 'non refundable' if you are unable to attend.***


Crossfire has a minimum age limit of 12 years old.

Participants under the age of 16 MUST wear full faced mask.

You may be asked to provide documentation to prove your age during check in.

If you are under 16, please ensure you are selecting a session which allows ages 12 and over or you will be refused entry.

If you are under the age of 18, please ensure have your waiver signed by a parent 'prior' to your session or you may be refused entry with no refund.


Waiver forms can be completed prior to you session through the link below.

Crossfire Waiver Form

Please arrive 30min prior to your booked session.


Clear lenses recommended as this field has lower lighting.


If you require a hire gel blaster, please see our package details on our 'Prices' page prior to booking.



Eye protection must be worn at all times on the field. (Full face masks recommended).

Closed footwear must be worn at all times. (Long sleeved shirts and pants recommended).

Gel Ball is a non-contact sport. Do not intentionally do anything that may cause injury to either yourself or others.

Do not climb on props, tires or equipment.

Gel Blasters are to stay in the Safe Zone and on the field only and must have a blaster sock on at all times in the safe zone.

Blasters must be racked when in the safe zone.

Magazine must remain out of the blaster in the safe zone

Do not take Gel Blasters into reception area unless in a case, closed bag or other container.

No smoking on playing fields. Smoking is permitted on the side of the building in the grassed area.

No alcohol or drugs permitted. If you show signs of being intoxicated, you will be asked to leave the facility.

The FPS limit is 330FPS. All Blasters will be test fired into a chronograph before entry to the field, and spot checks can occur through the session.


No shooting before the game commences or once the game ends.

Do not remove your face mask at any time on the field.

No blind firing.

Do not shoot the referees.

If you are shot, you must hold one hand above your head until you reach your teams spawn area.

You must use a single shot within 3m of another opponent. No full auto fire within a 3m distance and a centre mass shot is highly encouraged.

No stabbing motions with knives, you must only tag the opponent.

No running on stair cases.

Strictly no contact or verbal abuse with other players. If there is an issue, you must approach a referee.

Once the game is announced ended and cease fire is called, you must remove your mags and clear blasters prior to re-entering the safe zone. Safety switch must also be put on.

The FPS limit is 330FPS. All Blasters will be test fired into a chronograph before entry to the field, and spot checks occur. Special events will be held where FPS limits do not apply.

All blasters must have SEMI Auto capability and fire rate must remain below 35 RPS.


Drinks and snacks can be purchased from reception.