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Introducing the MILSIG M79A1


- Constructed with durable metal and nylon components for reliability in the field.

- Enjoy the flexibility of select fire modes: safe, semi-automatic, and full-auto.

- Customize your setup with swappable barrel lengths and easy takedown access for maintenance convenience.

- Equipped with a charging handle for quick bolt resets and jam clearance.

- Powered by the MILSIG M79 Heat Core, delivering adjustable velocities from 200 to 350 FPS via a built-in second-stage regulator.

- Stocked with a 16g Co2 compartment (Co2 not included), with an optional HPA bottle-on stock setup available separately.

- Includes a metal barrel thread cover and the option for a large orange muzzle tip for added visibility and safety.


*Please note: Foam darts, Co2, tank, and regulator are sold separately. The product image displays the HPA stock, but the Co2 stock will be provided.

Milsig M79 200mm Foam Dart Blaster - RED

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